Kabayan Logistic

Leading logistics recruiter in Poland


Kabayan Logistic

Leading logistics recruiter in Poland

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We are a rapidly growing company offering comprehensive solutions in the field of modern
HR services for business. We are a company with Polish capital. We support businesses
across Poland and the European Union with our wide range of solutions.

We specialize in providing professional drivers, logistics and industrial personnel at all times
and can provide cost-effective temporary or permanent employment solutions to help your

Finding the right personnel...

Finding reliable and professional personnel at short notice can be a frustrating and expensive
process. With our expert and professional personnel database, we are sure to find the right
person for the job, whether it is temporary, permanent or part-time.

Permanent employee

Looking to expand your team or take a position? Kabayan Logistic finds professional, reliable
and affordable candidates.

Temporary personnel

It is extremely difficult to find temporary or contract personnel on short notice. Our friendly
team can take the stress away from you and find an affordable and fast staffing solution.

Non-driver personnel

We don't just deal with drivers and industrial staff! We help local and nationwide companies
recruit them. Our access to quality and knowledgeable staff can solve your recruiting


Our employee database includes Class 1 truck drivers, Class 2 truck drivers, 7.5t / 3.5t
drivers, delivery drivers, van drivers, private car drivers, bus drivers, welders, machining
workers, crane operators, driver associates, forklift operators, couriers, warehouse workers of
other specialties and unskilled workers.

Satisfaction is our top priority